Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls b-day pictures

Well the girls turned six 43 days ago (but who's counting?) and I have yet to put the pictures up from their exciting day. In all honesty, I actually loaded these the day after their birthday but have yet to post them. Better late than never, right??! :)

I took them to a kiddie salon called Sweet and Sassy where they got pampered. This was right up their alley! They loved it and talk about doing it next year. I won't share how much it cost because it was absolutely ridiculous!! But since they didn't have a party I figured this made up for it. And Emily DID get her ears pierced! She changed her mind that morning about 12 times, but went through with it. Abby says she is waiting until her 10th birthday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Sick

My little Emily never gets sick. And it happens so rarely that when she does get something - the sweet little thing acts like she's on her deathbed.

She's her daddy's girl.

So she woke up this morning with a cough... in which I thought she was making it sound worse than what it was.

I was right.

She coughed all the way to school, gave me the "poor, poor me" act and then when we got home - she was ready to go to the store, practice some reading and writing...

play safari girl

chill out with the baby brother

played barbies

drew barbies

chased each other around the house ruining everything I had cleaned before they woke up.

My sweet little sick girl is headed back to school tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Oh my - we have been busy. Soccer just ended, swim team has just begun, and our house is officially on the market. We are rarely at the house these days - the house is being shown all the time. And when we are home, it involves cleaning. Keeping the house in perfect condition and "show ready" at all times is a complete joke.

Here are a few pictures from painting eggs earlier today. I hope you all have a blessed Easter!