Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Last week we had a mini photo shoot with a photographer for our annual Christmas pictures... haven't gotten them back yet, but I'm not quite sure she got any good ones. Emily was sort of off that day. So today we headed out to the same place and I tried to get a few of my own. Plus I borrowed a lens from my brother-in-law and wanted to try it out!

I got Photoshop a few months ago and have been playing with it lately. On the picture below, I took part of James' body out. Pretty cool, huh? He was holding Cole up on the railings... so before I get any emails... NO, I would not trust my 5 month old to balance on top of that thing :)

There were tons of pecan trees where we went and the kids loved opening them up and eating the pecans. Yum!

Austin reminds me of some sort of cartoon character here.

When we were done we headed to one of our favorite parks.

Emily has finally mastered the art of swinging. No more pushing her on the swings! Abby is getting there too - but seems always distracted by something.

We tried to pose them again one more time at the park, but this time Abby was tired of all the posing.


Cole was smiling it up toward the end of our adventure. Isn't that the way it always works?

Friday, October 22, 2010

5 months old!

Cole - you are 5 months old now!

What are you up to?

You are getting so big... and round!! I love pinching your chubby little legs. I love all your rolls... and kissing your little round cheeks.

You are almost sitting up! Here you are with a little assistance. I bet next month you will have this mastered and then soon after that you will be on the move! Your sisters and brother need to do a better job of picking up choking hazards (i.e. Barbie shoes and miniature football helmets). You can roll over when you are on your tummy to your back, but not quite yet the other way around.

You LOVE music. Not so much the radio, more so people singing to you. If someone wants to see you smile, all they need to do is sing the ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle - just about any of the classics. Gets you every time!

Here you are in your crib... you're not here very often. But we are going to start practicing really soon. Seriously.

"Dear God, please make my mommy give me more milk. I know she feeds me every 2 hours but I want more. Amen."

Instead you are still sleeping here. And loving it a little too much :)

You might be so darn tired because you seldom nap. You are my anti-nap little boy - and let me tell you it is exhausting! I can get you to nap a few times a week and you are so much more happier at night on those days.

You love the outdoors! You really enjoy going for walks in your stroller.... and your head turns every time you hear a car coming. They fascinate you.

Your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth. Now everything you can get your hands on goes directly into the mouth. You are so curious and want to touch everything.

You love being out of the house. We run lots of errands and people comment all the time to me how good you are! You really are. We've had lunch dates with friends, parent/teacher conferences, lunch with your siblings at school, gone to tons of stores, doctor's appointments, gym trips... and you are content just sitting and watching the world around you.

I can hardly believe you joined our family 5 months ago. We love you so very much little man!

Monday, October 18, 2010

October happenings

So much going on, such little time to blog. Guess that's what happens when you have 4 kiddos.

Here's some pictures from Dewberry Farms a few weeks ago.

I love this picture - this is so my girls... just being silly and having fun.

This picture really doesn't do this "slide" justice... The girls giggled on every "bounce, bounce, bounce" - really funny to watch.

Children of the corn. You can really lose someone out here.

It was a beautiful day.

"Hey bro, whaddya say we lose the parents and get some ice cream."

Behold the power of Cheetos.

Getting ready for the pig races.

And they're off!! Well, at least 3 of them. Poor little Abby's pig is stuck in the gate.

Another new park - check out this slide! Kinda resembles a large intestine, right?

Mr. Chunkalicious is growing.

Since they don't have cell phones yet, this will have to do.

Austin's football wrapped up this weekend. They actually won the Superbowl. I didn't have my camera so I took a few on my phone... here is he before the game. He kinda looks like half a Cardinal with his shirt tucked in so far. :)

James told me last night I had to go look at Austin while he was sleeping... this is what I found.

Oh, he is so proud. It sure makes all of those practices worth every second.

When the older kids come home, they insist on playing with Cole. This day they were on a plane... Cole wasn't exactly feeling this game.

The girls and I had a "girls day" this weekend... I had to find something to wear for our annual family pictures on Sunday... so we shopped and had a lunch date at 59 Diner. I must say it is pretty fun having 2 girly girls... totally opposite of me. Abby said it was her best day ever... "except for the 15 minutes I sat in the chair" (meaning when she had to wait for her food).

Hope you're all having a fun October!