Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New House

Here's the progress on our new house.... WOW, huh?

If we believed what they originally told us, it should be complete in about a month or so.

Instead it looks like it will be close to Christmas by the time we will move in... and we will be apartment dwellers for many more months.

To say we are frustrated is an understatement. I thought we would be frustrated at the speed when they started building, not taking an extra 3 months just to get started.

In other news, poor Austin had his first cavity filled yesterday.

He also had his first set of x-rays and cat scan done last Saturday. He dove into shallow water head first and scared the crud out of us. He's good, but he's cost us a pretty penny this month :)

Here's Cole snacking on a nectarine. I left the groceries on the ground, left for a second, and came back to him helping himself. Very resourceful child.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kidz Bop

Have I ever mentioned that Cole loves music? Well he does. I finally caved and bought the kids a Kidz Bop cd. They've seen it advertised on tv and it's always playing at the gym. We typically listen to Christian music in the car because I've heard some crazy lyrics on the normal radio stations! They change the inappropriate words in the lyrics on popular songs.


This is Cole jammin' to a song...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Smithville, TX B&B

We set off to the hill country this weekend to the small town of Smithville, TX. I heard that one of its claims to fame was that the movie Hope Floats was filmed there... One of my all time faves! After hearing that, I eagerly anticipated meeting the owners of the B&B, knowing that they'd have Harry Connick Jr's charm and good looks. Sure enough, they were extremely friendly (and a cute older couple) - just as you'd expect in this quiet little Texas town.

Welcome to our cabin! I hope you brought some food...

We had the pond all to ourselves - if you don't count an occasional visit from one of the cows. Or the very curious (read: territorial and frightening) snake that lived under the dock.

It's actually on a real organic farm... they have beautiful gardens and farm animals.

These twins are grass fed.

These twins are not.

Here are a few happy campers.

"They forgot me!"

Abby not too thrilled she had to wait until Austin was done on the boat.

Girls' turn! It amazes me that Emily will pick up worms, lizards, etc. - but if a little ant gets on her she'll scream bloody murder.

"Tell her what she's won. A Brand New Bass!!"

"It's wiggling!"

"Mr. Catfish 2011"

This catfish almost pulled Austin in - he brought it in all by himself.

Another cast. Another fish... Austin was on fire and is now totally hooked on fishing! (thank goodness)

"You can hold it, Dad."

I guess out in the country you expect to see some critters you wouldn't normally see.

I knew our mini-vacation was over when James informed me that this guy was eyeing me on the front porch while I was relaxing and reading after the kids had gone to bed.

I knew it was time to say goodbye to Smithville. Until next time!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

I seldom take pictures these days, but life has been pretty busy! I could blame it on the baby since he is always crawling (not walking yet) off with stuff like this... (my camera lens). Although it kind of looks like we painted a mustache on him.

We try to get out of this apartment as much as possible. The girls took a few art classes this week and made these creations.

We've been to the zoo (no pictures), the gym (no pictures), parks (no pictures), gymnastics (no pictures), several pools (no pictures)... yeah you get the idea.

James got a brand new burnt orange kayak. We've taken it out a few times and it's a lot of fun. I'm hoping he and Austin can catch tons of fish to help cover what we paid for it. I did get a picture of it with my phone!

And if you look real close you might see me rowing Abby around while she feeds the fish a bubble gum and strawberry slushy.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apartment bound

This is what Mr. Crabs thinks about our new living situation.

I'm inclined to agree.

We officially closed on our house last week and moved into our smaller living quarters. It's been a stressful few weeks - our closing was delayed due to an appraisal issue and when resolved, we had 3 days to move a family of 6 out of the very first home we've ever owned. We moved our stuff into 3 places - storage, our apartment garage, and our apartment. I'm having a hard time finding things at the moment.

Austin is sharing a bedroom with Cole and the girls are together. They are jealous they can't share a bedroom with Cole. Actually they are jealous of many things.

We're making the best of the situation... getting out of the apartment as much as possible. I feel sorry for our neighbors, but so far no complaints. We're on the second floor with people above us and people below us. Our new house keeps getting delayed... it is now supposed to start mid-July, but I fully expect a hurricane and some much needed rain to hit then delaying it again. HA.

Hope y'all have a happy and safe 4th. We are blessed to live in this country.

And he hasn't been Mr. Crabs ALL of the time... just most of the time. He has some new teeth in the back coming in. Ouch!