Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bad blogger

Well I knew it was awhile since I put something up on this blog, but I didn't realize it's been a month!

We've been so busy with soccer, swimming, school, and just life. Plus it's hard to get anything done when you have a baby that hardly naps. And we're about to put our house up on the market. We're not moving far - just to a neighborhood close by. So things have been very crazy!

Here are the girls at 5 years and 364 days old. They'll be turning 6 tomorrow. 6!! What on earth?

I'm taking them to a kiddie salon to get pampered. This is right up their ally. Emily is even going to get her ears pierced... well that's what she says now before she sees the ear gun tomorrow. Abby doesn't want to partake in any of that.

Here's a few pictures from Austin's soccer game last weekend. He's still our little soccer star... quite the athlete. All he wants to do these days is play soccer, throw the football, etc. Anything outside. James and I have had some very good workouts lately.

Wow, such talent...

Cole at the last soccer game... he's getting so big. 10 months old now and into EVERYTHING. He's super fast... you can't take your eyes off of him for one second. He is exhausting... but oh so sweet :) Looking more like Austin everyday, don't you think?

It's spring break this week. The highlight today was that Austin ate his first hamburger... ever. Technically it was a cheeseburger, but since he doesn't like cheese (only "melted" cheese) we couldn't call it a cheeseburger. The kid loved it. Go figure. My picky eater is finally trying new things!