Monday, June 6, 2011


This is what has been consuming our life these days.

Swim team. Almost every day.

As big of a commitment that it is - it really is fun to watch. Austin is a whole head shorter than most kids in his age group and he is a top contender every week, usually placing between 1st and 3rd in the freestyle, butterfly, and the relays. He actually qualified for invitationals which will be another full day knocked out of our busy schedule, but figure we should let him experience it now before he gets older. Height does play a role in the sport of swimming, so physics are against him at the moment. Might as well let him do it now :)

Sweet little Emily usually places in the middle... but she is so cute to watch and is trying her hardest out there. We couldn't be more prouder of her. She just swims the freestyle and backstroke. Going into the season, she didn't know how to do either and she has improved drastically. Her personal times get better each meet.

Abby will sometimes join us at the meets on Saturdays - but they are long days and it is very hot. She usually makes it a few hours and then James will take her home with him and Cole. A friend and I are in charge of the 6 and under girls, so she'll hang out and play with them as long as she can.

My 2 current Shockwaves:

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