Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little reader

Abby loves everything about 1st grade. I think between the girls, she will be our more studious one. She loves her teacher and she even gets to see Austin's 1st grade teacher an hour every day (who we love). So overall, 1st grade is going extremely well!

I would almost say the girls would be mirror image twins if they were identical. Abby is left handed, Emily is right. Emily loves to write and draw, Abby does not. Abby loves to read, Emily does not. Abby is little miss social, Emily is not. Emily is the sweetest little thing, Abby is too, but she is a little more spirited. :) Maybe the one thing they have in common is they love princesses. And looking pretty.

Why does Elton John pop in my mind from this photo? Quite the tiny dancer, errr tiny reader.