Friday, January 21, 2011

8 months!

Sorry for the brief blog absence - we have all had the flu the last couple of weeks. All at different times, but still horrible nonetheless. Anyway.....

Cole - you are 8 months old now!

What are you up to?

Well the last month has been exciting to say the least. You can now officially get from "point a" to "point b" pretty darn fast. And you always go for the things that you shouldn't be in. Go figure. You've gone from scooting to the army crawl.

You also got your first teeth! The 2 bottom teeth have broken through your gums, but they're not in all the way yet.

You have so many nicknames: Spike, bam-bam, guacamole to name a few. In fact, you already have a theme song... it goes "Wholy Coly Guacamole, YEAH!" I'll try to get a video to put on here later. Emily invented it.

This is why we call you bam-bam sometimes:

You love baths

and being outside

and eating (check out your spiky hair)

and playing upstairs. "Hey kid, these are MY toys. Stay away."

and oh my gosh how you love the dog. I'm pretty sure it's not mutual though.

Sometimes when we're bored we balance things on your head. It keeps you entertained for awhile :)

Unfortunately I know exactly how much you weigh from the numerous doctor's appointments the last month. You are 17 1/2 lbs, wear 6/9 month clothes, and wear size 3 diapers.