Thursday, February 3, 2011

100th day of school

Yesterday the girls celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten!

They came home on a total sugar HIGH. Holy cow.

Emily said she had marshmallows, chocolate chips, teddy grahams, m&ms, capri sun, pop-tarts, and popcorn. And they ate EVERY last bit.

They have both been doing so great in kinder. Abby is such the reader and Emily's handwriting has come so far since the first day. They absolutely love it. We are so proud of them.

Here's a silly song they do in school. Please excuse Emily singing in the shower in the background.

Then Abby put her own twist on it (and Emily is seriously going to town on her singing upstairs).

I always find it pretty funny when she names Cole after the dog (and Kiko, our dog who has been dead for several years now). Poor Cole.

Hope you all are staying warm. We are expected to have snow tonight and tonight and tomorrow morning!!