Friday, May 6, 2011

Field Day and Field Trip

Today was field day at the kiddo's school. And boy was it hot out there!! I was assigned to the sack races so I didn't get to see much else. It looked like everyone was soaking wet at the end of the day from all the water games!

Emily not feeling the sack races... or anything else that I saw for that matter. Ugh.

This was from the kinder rodeo back in March... I was just trying to go through all my photos and see what school things I have forgotten to put on the blog.

My cute little cowgirls.

Proof that Emily does participate in some things.

These are from the girls' field trip to the Oil Ranch. I forgot my camera so had to use my phone instead. There were tons of fun things to do... including milking a cow. Yeah... my girls were not feeling that one. I thought Emily might considering her love of bugs - she'll pick up any disgusting little creature but wouldn't go near a cow that was locked up in some sort of gate.