Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd

7 years ago today, James' dad went to heaven. We miss him dearly. I wish the kids would remember what a great man he was... but the girls and Cole weren't here yet and Austin was just 16 months old. I know they would have loved spending time with him. They lived out in the country and we had such fun when we visited... eating the best homemade meals and fishing to our heart's desire. Cancer sucks. Now 7 years later, James' brother is having some health issues also. I don't want to say much - but our family would really appreciate your prayers right now.

And I know I haven't mentioned that we lost our dog Saffron last month. This was the dog we "adopted" after James' mother passed away. She was his mom's baby, and for some strange reason I felt her presence through that dog. Weird I know. She was 14... and I know golden retrievers don't usually live that long. The kids were upset but haven't really dwelled on it like I thought they would. They know she's in heaven with grandma and Paw-Paw.

This was her last bath...

And I don't really want to end the post on a sad note - so here's 2 of my goofballs. They make my heart smile everyday.