Sunday, August 7, 2011

FL Vacation Day #1

Fresh and ready for the big trip. Bring it on! Wait, did you say we're driving all day!!?!!

We started our family vacation early this morning! What a job it is to get a family of 6 packed! I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening getting everything ready. I'm not sure if this is going to be one of those relaxing type of vacations - but it's bound to be fun!

Here's Emily enjoying a po-boy in Walker, Louisiana - near Mandeville.

Everything was going great, everybody was enjoying their lunch until Abby spilled ketchup all over her dress. Looks like a scene from a horror movie. If that stain doesn't come out, it might be...

A new change of clothes and a happier girl!

I'm free! This is way better than sitting in a car!

Fooooooooood. Must - have - food!

Final stop for the day - Gulfport, MS!

The beach was great. And very few people... We may have to come back here!

Is this my good side?

This hotel is coool. I love these high beds... I can't wait to fall off, head-first... Poor kid needs to wear a helmet.

"My head is indestructible!"

3 tired kiddos. At least there's some evidence that they were getting along...