Sunday, March 25, 2012


So here are Austin's adjectives to describe Emily.

E Extra special
M Marvelous
I Imaginative
L Literal
Y Young

Oh she just melts my heart. Emily is one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. She has the most infectious smile and is always happy. She is shy at first, but once she lets you in the girl will talk your ear off. She has such the imagination. She loves to pretend she's a horse, or a dog... or really anything. She loves to play, write, draw... she's not much into movies. She loves to talk about getting older and getting married, but not wanting to kiss any boys. She picks up a lot of things from school - perhaps the funniest thing she said last week was that Justin Beaver loves Lady Gomez.

Emily is such a girly girl. She picks out her clothes most morning and sometimes she puts together some interesting concoctions. There's a pair of white tights I have hid and thrown away a countless number of times... but they magically appear on her legs some mornings. She's also about doing her own hair now. She loves to wear bows, headbands, anything to accessorize.

Emily is truly quite the helper. She likes to keep things tidy and help cook. I feel bad because she is always asking to help and most of the time I turn it down... I need to do a better job of including her in those things.

Emily and her sister half the time are the best of friends... the other times they are fighting. They do have a special connection though, and I hope they continue to have that bond as they get older.