Saturday, March 17, 2012

Party Fun

My twinkies are turning seven!

They really wanted a sleepover this year. This was our first attempt at a bigger sleepover, and maybe our last. Haha, only kidding! Whew it was a lot of work though! We initially told each girl they could each invite 5 friends. After thinking that over, we decided 3 might be a better number.

Don't feel sorry for Austin that the girls were chasing him and picking on him. I think he secretly enjoyed all of it.

We started off playing pictionary

and then did a scavenger hunt.

The weather really screwed up my plans for our scavenger hunt. It was nasty outside, rainy and cold. So we had to move it inside. At the very end of the hunt, we placed a lot of clues throughout the house that led them to their final prize.

A personalized flashlight!

It was Abby's team vs. Emily's team.... but everyone got a prize in the end.

After the scavenger hunt, cake, and presents... onto the movies. Two Barbie movies and Dolphin Tale.

Some of the girls fully intended on this being an up all night sleepover. At around 1:00, I was up there every 5 minutes telling the girls to settle down and go to sleep.

The next day they ate donuts, played, did some makeup.... and went home.

That same day you would never know that any of it had happened :)