Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Pictures

I finally got around to changing my blog design! James helped me with the banner on top - obviously. There's no way me and my non-creative self did that one.

Speaking of creative - look at what Austin's 1st grade teacher made for Cole. She made him several bibs and burp clothes (and even a onesie) with his name and either Longhorn or TTU stuff on them. Super cute!! I wish I could do things like this. And plus she's an Aggie, so that must have been pure torture putting these together :)

It is officially summer at our house. Austin's school ended last week much to his dismay. He wanted to stay in school all summer. I don't blame him - the 2 days last week we all spent together wasn't very exciting. I think the highlight was going through the McDonald's drive-thru. We did go swimming and Grammy came over for one day. It takes forever to feed Cole and by the time we leave the house it's almost time to feed him again. I also had a minor setback in my recovery - my incision got infected. Yuck. I got some antibiotics and am starting to feel better. This week we have a few more things planned - like the library and parent's day out at gymnastics. I'm definitely looking forward to the "here and there" days James plans to take off this summer!

We took the kids out to take pictures this morning. Here are a few of them.

This one cracks me up. Can you tell James is hiding behind the kids holding Cole up? Very sneaky.

Gotta love Abby and her faces.