Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

We took our first family outing with Cole to the park. Unfortunately it was already 85 degrees by 9:30 so we didn't stay longer than 30 minutes.

Still no neck muscles. Mr. Floppy in his carseat.

Here's Austin in the huge soccer field. James and Austin played for a little while. Unfortunately, they had to play with Emily's pink and silver ball. The boys made it work.

This park had a butterfly garden, except there were no butterflies to be found. Only bees.

The kids swam all weekend, and even got to swim in the dark. They loved the different colored lights... green, pink, blue, red... James had visions of entertaining people when he ordered those fancy lights. Well, his dream has come true... :)

The girls about to pick our first ripe tomatoes! We got to them before the birds, and trust me - the mockingbirds have been eyeing them. Can Abby's hair get any higher?? Can you say Pebbles Flintstone?

Here's Emily with the first tomato. And if you look hard, there's a duck whispering in her ear. "Gimme that tomato."

You have no idea how many plans I have for these 2 tomatoes. Good thing we have a bunch more coming! That pepper by the tomatoes in our first chocolate pepper, except it's supposed to the size of a bell pepper and brown. We picked it way too early. Oops!

The first plan is having BLTs.... which require homemade dill onion bread - James' mom's recipe. So good! Unfortunately we forgot the salt. You have no idea how important salt is - oh well. It still tastes okay.

Popsicles taste better when sharing. They had a blast in the pool this weekend. Their dad is pretty sore though! I can't get in the pool until my incision is completely healed - bummer!

Austin and Cole falling asleep together again. These are the only times I have seen Austin nap in the last several years.