Sunday, November 6, 2011

Please pray for Abby

I wouldn't normally post this, but our sweet little Abby could really use your prayers right now.

She's in the hospital with a really nasty infection. She should be ok, but it's still scary. We went to the ER yesterday for an abscess on her face that turned bad very quickly. It went from a small pimple, to the whole right side of her face swelling. We got transferred by ambulance from that hospital to the big children's hospital downtown.

She had surgery yesterday, and woke up this morning worse. She can't even open her right eye now. We've had slews of doctors into see us... the last one being an infectious disease doctor. We're still not sure what it is (probably MRSA). They changed her IV antibiotics to a stronger one today, in which she didn't react to well. If she doesn't respond to these, she'll have a catscan in the morning followed by more surgery... and we're already guaranteed another 48 hours there. She started off in good spirits, but she's really tired of it all right now. Poor baby.

So like I said, I wouldn't normally post anything like this, but we could use all the prayers we can get. I'll update more on here when we get more information. Thanks for the prayers!!