Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy November!

It seems like we have been waiting and waiting all year for November to get here. If all goes according to plan, we should be moving in our new house around Thanksgiving! It can't come soon enough. I have to keep reminding myself as much as apartment life completely stinks, we need to stay positive! After all - we have a roof over our head, food in the fridge, and a healthy/happy family. We are blessed!

They just put the carpet in our house this week, and I completely teared up after seeing it. It's so real now. YEAH.

Here's a few pictures from Halloween this year. A sweet friend invited us over to trick-or-treat. Unfortunately her son, and Austin's best buddy, had strep and couldn't join us. We missed him, but the kids had a blast. And we have tons of sugar. The one good thing about all this sugar is that if the kids misbehave, all I have to do is threaten to take away candy and they immediately stop. Haha. Whatever works, right?! Little do they know... a handful ends up in the trash each day while they are at school.

This is the only picture I have of Cole in his full costume. He would not leave that thing on his head. I got it at Target after last year's Halloween for 90% off. Honestly I didn't even know what it was, but apparently it was some sort of martian from Toy Story. All I cared was that it was a costume and cost $1.

Austin was Darth Vader. Every year he picks out something he knows nothing about.

Emily was a bumble bee and Abby was a witch - another Target find from last year that went into the dress-up drawer.

Don't let this picture fool you... this was the one time Cole actually held the pumpkin and kind of went up to the door. He pretty much was cranktified the rest of the evening. I'm sure next year will be more fun for him.

Hope y'all have a happy November!