Friday, February 27, 2009

BOC on the way!

I am super duper excited. It is on the way.

I don't know if y'all are familiar with a website called Woot. I had no idea what it was a month ago. Basically they sell something cheap every day - it could be anything. I've been waiting for a portable DVD player to show up and I've missed it twice now. A couple of times a year they have something called a "Woot-Off." The good folks at Woot will keep selling products throughout the day, and they will not move to something else until the product is sold out.

So what everybody waits for is the coveted BOC (box of crap). It's a mystery. You pay $3 for the box and $5 shipping. It could be anything. People have gotten plasma TV's, Ipods, and real crap like Mr. T action figures (sorry A-Team fans) and ice buckets.

Apparently it is impossible to get. I think they had 1,400 BOCs and they sold out in seconds. And guess who got one??

James will take credit for it, but that's so not the case. It was a team effort. I was glued to my computer all last Thursday until I HAD to leave to take Austin to soccer practice. As soon as I got in the car, I called James at work and told him an item was close to ending so he needed to look it up... and the BOC came right then. The rest is history.

So yeah, maybe I need to get a life. It should be here any day now. James thinks I am going to wait for him, but I'm thinking I might just open it (there is no way I can wait) and then repackage it. Kinda like when you're a kid with the Christmas presents under the tree - wait did nobody else do that?

On another note, here are my silly little girls at the park this morning