Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rest in Peace Ants

One of Austin's Christmas presents was an ant farm. It did not come included with ants. We had to mail a $10.50 check to Mr. Milton. The ants came in the mail about a week ago (almost 2 months after sending the check in). Mr. Milton did not discuss in detail on how to get the ants in the farm, so after spilling half of them in our game room (mental note: perform task outside next time) and having to pick them up with a syringe - they all finally arrived in their new home. We fed them. We watered them. We loved those ants. Especially James. He loved to watch them build their tunnels - it really was quite fascinating. Even Abby got into it. Now all that's left are piles and piles of carnage. Do I feel jipped? Yes.

In happier times:

Not very interested, but she sure is cute:

Goodbye ants. We will miss you.