Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I’m just finalizing our Colorado trip in June. I am SO excited! This will be our first real road trip with the whole family… it seems most people think we are crazy to go on a road trip for 14 days, but I can’t wait! Here is what we have planned so far:

Day 1: Drive to Carlsbad, NM
Day 2: Check out Carlsbad Caverns, drive to Santa Fe
Day 3: Take a 6 HOUR (yeah, wondering how that will go) train ride
Day 4: Great Sandunes National Park
Day 5: Buckskin Joe Frontier Town and Railroad / Royal Gorge
Day 6: Garden of the Gods, Estes Park
Day 7: Estes Park / Estes Park Ariel Tramway
Day 8: Estes Park / Cowpoke Corner Corral
Day 9: Drive to Aspen, Independence Ghost Town
Day 10: Black Canyon of the Gunnison Natl. Park
Day 11: 2 ½ hour stagecoach ride (like in the wild west days)
Day 12: Mesa Verde Natl. and Four Corners
Day 13: Drive to Lubbock
Day 14: Visit the best university (ha) in Texas - get your guns up… then drive back home

Now I’m trying to think of some games to play on the road, things to take, so if you have any ideas.. Please let me know!! It will definitely be a bonding experience :)

Here is a picture of the train ride. I can already smell the fresh, non-polluted air.