Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Rodeo Time

It was our family's second trip to the rodeo. And before you say anything, no - we don't go all out and get dressed up in our western gear for the rodeo. Maybe one day (but don't hold your breath). Also, James and I have become real wimps in our old ages. Luckily I sat with Austin on the Ferris wheel and roller coaster where he reassured me we would be ok. Thank goodness for that kid. He was right too.

Watching the chicks hatch.

Petting the goats, deer, pigs...

Anytime there is face painting, our kids are first in line.

Austin got this fancy shark, which I knew would cause issues. When he drank or ate, the paint smeared. Unfortunately the shark didn't make it to the end of our day.

The girls loved riding the rides this year. Thankfully they were barely at the 36" minimum (well maybe closer to 35"), so they could ride some of the kiddie rides by themselves.

Even this slide freaked me out. Ugh.

Austin won a Longhorn basketball on his first try. Why they don't have Red Raider balls to choose from is beyond me. Didn't we win the national championship a couple of years ago? Wait, no that must have been another team. You would have thought Bobby Knight would have done something better with our team.

No offense Keith Urban. Emily is not into cowboys. During the bull riding, either the bull or cowboy would win. She pulled for the bull every time.

On the other hand, I think Abby just might be into cowboys. She danced through the entire 3 1/2 songs we stayed through (no offense to the performer again... you try getting out of Reliant Stadium with 3 kids and 70k fans when the show is over).

On the way home snuggling with the 3 chickens they won. A successful day indeed.