Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rest of it

Well we received the rest of our loot from Woot:

5 Electronic Sudoku games
5 Portable Modem Cards
1 Wine bag
15 Flydanna headwraps

So we paid 3 dollars for all of it (also including the Ipod docking station we got last week). I think these Woot people might know me... how did they know I love Sudoku and we needed a docking station? And it looks like I might get to re-gift something after all :)

And of course who wouldn't die to have 15 headwraps with little piggies all over them? What a fashion statement our family will be making. Who wears these anyway?

Abby thought she was a pirate.

Help me bring back the headwrap folks. If your little girl (or you) would like one of these lovely wraps, please email me and I'll make sure you get one :)