Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday Dinner

When Austin came home, we went outside and started throwing his football back and forth. Boy that kid sure can throw a mean spiral. Sure it's just a nerf, but still. Then it all started.

Abby: "I'm hungry." (repeated over and over and over)
Me: "I know sweetie, we'll have dinner in a little bit."

This same dialogue went on for the next 15 minutes.

Fed up, I said "Abby, why don't YOU make mommy dinner tonight." I fully expected her to go make me a pretend meal upstairs in her play kitchen.

Austin and I came inside and this is what we saw. Caught red-handed. She got the bowls from the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. That bowl is for me.

"No, Em! It's not ready yet!"

Not too thrilled about her dinner selection.

What's cereal without a little flaxseed?

Thanks for dinner, Abby. I really didn't have anything planned anyway.