Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day of School!

I had every intention of taking lots of pictures yesterday- unfortunately the day started out like this.

Yeah, Emily wasn't exactly feeling it. I knew it would be rough when she wouldn't touch her breakfast. She did pose for this one though right before leaving the house.

Emily was the first one to be dropped off and had a pretty hard time. I had to physically carry her to her desk and she would take off over and over. She was not a happy camper, thus the rest of us were not happy campers. Eventually we snuck out, and I checked on her before I left the school- thankfully she was sitting quietly at her desk.

Abby went right to her class, hugged the teacher and sat down - she was super excited to start her first day of kindergarten!

Cole and I then headed to the gym to de-stress. We had a nice (and quiet!) day - took a trip to the store, played some, made dinner, then it was time for the older ones to come home.

The bus coming home was about an hour late, but they all had smiles coming off the bus and couldn't wait to tell me how much fun they had!

Abby had too many favorites to name - She said she went "wee wee wee all the way home" on the bus ride home today. Emily said, "Mom, you were right. Kindergarten is so much fun!"

Getting to school today was so much easier.