Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Staycation #2

Well I thought that our second "staycation" was going to be a blast. Turns out not so much, but it was fun the hour or so it lasted.

The plan was to get up early, drive to Galveston, and spend the better part of the day on the beach. James has been dying to take Austin fishing - they even practiced at the lake in the neighborhood the night before and caught this catfish.

So they were both pretty stoked to catch some fish. We left the house by 6:00 a.m. - which is a major undertaking by the way. We got there around 8ish and James got the older kids all acclimated while I fed Cole. Then the boys headed out in the surf to fish and the girls played in the sand.

"Shark!!" It is the beginning of Shark Week, right?

Gladly, the wildlife still seems to be in good shape in Galveston. No effects of "the spill." Our thoughts and prayers to our neighbors to the east of us though.

I couldn't decide which one to put on here - the one with the hat or without.

I then decided to move the car a little closer to where the girls were playing. I turned the key... and had a sick feeling... the car wouldn't start.

After a brief panic attack I got James and Austin out of the water - Austin was upset because he was having a hard time in the surf, Cole was crying, and Abby started running up and down the beach screaming bloody murder because she saw a crab (which I have a hard time believing, especially since later she said it was yellow). Obviously the pictures don't reflect any of this. I wasn't in a picture-taking mood at this point. More of a "get me outta here" kind of mood.

We were on a pretty isolated part of the beach, but eventually James flagged down a car and a nice man named Rick jump started our battery. We left right there and then, which is good because I had visions of being stuck on that beach with 3 unhappy kids (Emily was still in a good mood) in 100+ degree weather.

So we got home and took the car to the Toyota dealership - turns out it was strictly a battery issue. James picked up some brochures for the new Sienna while he was there... didn't think the day would come where we'd actually consider buying a van. We were home by 1:00, picked up some fish to to fry (due to the lack of fish caught), and that was the end of our second staycation.