Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Week

Gosh I am so bad about updating this blog lately. And about taking pictures. The days and weeks have been flying by - I can hardly believe summer is coming to an end soon. School starts in 2 more weeks, and our future little kindergarteners (and 2nd grader) are really excited. We are looking forward to seeing who their teachers will be this year.

Here are a few pictures I took last week. You'll notice that they are pretty random. And all around the house. We have been making the best out of being homebodies during the day, but we'll all be glad when Cole is older so we can venture out into the world again.

I introduced Austin to my Sudoku addiction. He solved his first puzzle all by himself.

I put the kids to work. We watched Annie a few weeks ago andthe song "it's a hard knocked life" keeps entering my brain. Cleaning windows and baseboards builds character, right? :)

Cole was introduced to his bumbo seat. He sat in there and the kids watched a Baby Einstein DVD for a good 20 minutes - they were all thoroughly entertained. James has just informed me that he wants an adult bumbo seat - he thinks it looks comfy. Hmm...

Cole looks like the Captain of a ship. And the others are just having a quiet summer day. Aah, to be a kid again!

Austin and I were watching 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network and he was wanting to try a new dish - it turned out really good. Austin is our picky eater, and I think it helps matters when he gets involved with the process.

While I finished things up, these 2 were rocking to some tunes with their microphones.

Abby made a whole bunch of sticky notes and posted them all over the house. At least it wasn't glue this time. We found them in the living room, in our room, in our bathroom, in the kitchen, in the hallway, upstairs and downstairs... everywhere but on the dog.

"Saffron luv you Cole"

"Abby luv you Austin"

Abby planted a lemon seed in hopes of a lemon tree growing - in 2 weeks. She explained to me that's all the time it needs - as long as there is plenty of rain and sun. Her exact words were "simple." She told us that God wanted us to have a lemon tree so we could make lemonade.