Saturday, September 25, 2010

Adventures in kayaking

Meet James' new hobby.


He's had his eye on a few different types of kayaks that he wants to buy. So today he rented one and they boys (minus Cole) headed out to Conroe to try it out and do some fishing.

He told me that he rowed for miles which I thought maybe was an exaggeration... but they went to the furthest part in this picture! I bet he will be sore tomorrow.

The girls, Cole, and I headed to my step class this morning, enjoyed a delicious Chick-fil-A lunch, then headed out to a closer lake to check out the kayak.

Emily was excited to get in. No fishing, more rowing.

Emily thought that she was keeping "everyone" safe with her life jacket. "Don't worry, Dad... we won't sink. I have on a floating jacket! This lake doesn't have sharks, does it?"

Austin fished some more from a pier. It was more of a scouting trip. More fishing, less catching.

Cole did what he does best - just goin' with the flow. That child amazes me... up at 6:30, 2:00 we headed to the lake - slept 30 minutes in the car to get there, woke up when we got there, back to sleep for the 3o minute car ride home and that's it for the day. Not sure where he gets the energy!

Even I got to join in on the fun.

So after all that hard work I thought we deserved a special treat.

Yum! The girls didn't even know what a sundae was - but they were happily surprised.