Sunday, September 5, 2010


Thought I'd share some pictures since this is what is consuming our lives these days - for FOUR days a week. Sigh.

Game 2 Highlights
1st TD - I just got the tail end of it. The play started around the 50 yard line... eventually my camera caught up to our little speedster.

Abby very rarely leaves Cole's side. He loves listening to her "stories."

Chubby cheeks (with a little help) enjoying the shade.

The 2nd TD - this time I was ready. For all of the defensive coordinators out there - you can tell he's about to get the ball by "the stare."

He cuts to the inside...

and turns on the jets!

Running to daylight...

adding more, and more separation with every step. Did we mention that we're proud of this kiddo?

After the game the opposing team's coach asked where Austin went to school because they lost their 2 fastest kids and were in need of some speed. Already recruiting in 2nd grade flag football - ha!

And here are some random pictures of Austin and his tongue.