Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend in Bastrop

Our first night away from the house with all 4 kids - it went pretty smoothly.

Goofing off in the car while James was paying for our entry fee into the park.

And the hike begins. James bought Austin this bird book with a checklist of all the birds in the region. We only saw a couple - because his "sisters were scaring away all the birds."

Austin led the way

Some of the wildlife we saw.

Emily happily skipped most of the way...

until the end when we had to go up hill. Then she got too tired.

Nature baby - had to be carried the whole time since I forgot the sling.

10 minutes later nature baby falls asleep.

I think the real highlight for the kids was staying in a hotel for the night. Not for me though - didn't sleep at all. They loved the elevators, sleeping on a sofa that turned into a couch, and a breakfast where they could pick whatever they wanted to eat.

Discovering himself in the mirror.

Emily wanted to know why a surfboard was in the room. Obviously I don't do much ironing.

Admiring the fish at the hotel.