Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Last week we had a mini photo shoot with a photographer for our annual Christmas pictures... haven't gotten them back yet, but I'm not quite sure she got any good ones. Emily was sort of off that day. So today we headed out to the same place and I tried to get a few of my own. Plus I borrowed a lens from my brother-in-law and wanted to try it out!

I got Photoshop a few months ago and have been playing with it lately. On the picture below, I took part of James' body out. Pretty cool, huh? He was holding Cole up on the railings... so before I get any emails... NO, I would not trust my 5 month old to balance on top of that thing :)

There were tons of pecan trees where we went and the kids loved opening them up and eating the pecans. Yum!

Austin reminds me of some sort of cartoon character here.

When we were done we headed to one of our favorite parks.

Emily has finally mastered the art of swinging. No more pushing her on the swings! Abby is getting there too - but seems always distracted by something.

We tried to pose them again one more time at the park, but this time Abby was tired of all the posing.


Cole was smiling it up toward the end of our adventure. Isn't that the way it always works?