Friday, October 22, 2010

5 months old!

Cole - you are 5 months old now!

What are you up to?

You are getting so big... and round!! I love pinching your chubby little legs. I love all your rolls... and kissing your little round cheeks.

You are almost sitting up! Here you are with a little assistance. I bet next month you will have this mastered and then soon after that you will be on the move! Your sisters and brother need to do a better job of picking up choking hazards (i.e. Barbie shoes and miniature football helmets). You can roll over when you are on your tummy to your back, but not quite yet the other way around.

You LOVE music. Not so much the radio, more so people singing to you. If someone wants to see you smile, all they need to do is sing the ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle - just about any of the classics. Gets you every time!

Here you are in your crib... you're not here very often. But we are going to start practicing really soon. Seriously.

"Dear God, please make my mommy give me more milk. I know she feeds me every 2 hours but I want more. Amen."

Instead you are still sleeping here. And loving it a little too much :)

You might be so darn tired because you seldom nap. You are my anti-nap little boy - and let me tell you it is exhausting! I can get you to nap a few times a week and you are so much more happier at night on those days.

You love the outdoors! You really enjoy going for walks in your stroller.... and your head turns every time you hear a car coming. They fascinate you.

Your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth. Now everything you can get your hands on goes directly into the mouth. You are so curious and want to touch everything.

You love being out of the house. We run lots of errands and people comment all the time to me how good you are! You really are. We've had lunch dates with friends, parent/teacher conferences, lunch with your siblings at school, gone to tons of stores, doctor's appointments, gym trips... and you are content just sitting and watching the world around you.

I can hardly believe you joined our family 5 months ago. We love you so very much little man!