Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mr. Football

and I'm referring to the boy in our house, not to my dear husband... to James' dismay.

Austin is seriously a football lover's dream child. He's memorized the top 80 players of all time... here he is doing the top 40. He can also tell you what the team they all played for and their stats. I think he has a photographic memory. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

I think he might be borderline obsessed. Which is why Santa is going to sneak some books about presidents into his stocking this year. Although who's to say he doesn't have a future in this? You never know.

While James was out yesterday, Austin created a 2o question test on football players for his dad. James came home, answered the questions, and scored a 50. HA! Here's the proof.

There's a new expert in our house these days.

Have a happy football Sunday!