Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky spooky

We started our week of Halloween festivities at the kids' fundraiser at their elementary school.

I got off pretty easy this year. You'll notice from the picture below from 2 years ago, the girls wanted to be a ladybug and clown once again. Clown costume still fit. The only costume I had to purchase was the ladybug. Austin's transformer outfit was from last year. Yeah for me! Maybe we should be giving them more milk!

Emily won the cupcake walk. Last year it was a 4,500 calorie cake walk. We're a-okay with cupcakes this year.

She gladly shared her good fortune with her sister.

Kinder costume contest. Looks a bit like the bar scene in Star Wars.

I left after the face painting and headed to my volunteer station - Chick-fil-A. I was in heaven. James was off with the 4 kiddos by himself and surprisingly stayed for a while. The kids still had tickets to spend.

I helped both girls in their classes last week carve pumpkins. This is not my specialty - but the kids were good sports. None of them knew that they drew the short straw with me at the carving station.

You know how dogs sometimes look like their owners? Well, I'm just sayin... :)

Time for our own pumpkin carving... that doesn't sound so good, looking at Cole's bib... I mean "real" pumpkin carving.

The girls' job was to put the seeds in a bowl for us to cook later. They had a blast. Unfortunately James sort of burned the seeds this year. He convinced them that they were supposed to look like that.

Mmm... pumpkin guts!

There's Emily and her alter-pumpkin. Aaargh!


Roasted pumpkin seeds - yummy!

Halloween day...

Chubby little pumpkin.

It reminds me of my twin pumpkins 5 years ago. Gosh, all my kids are obviously related.

Oh, how they've grown!

Scoring tons of candy...

Late night for our little pumpkin.

I think we have even more sugar than we did from last year. I once again confiscated all the Reeses for my special hidden stash and now we need to figure out what to do with the rest...

Happy Halloween!