Sunday, November 28, 2010

My favorite turkeys

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Lots of food, family and fun.

Here are some pictures from the girl's kindergarten feast.

Here's Abby in front of the big turkey in school... everyone in her class had to design a feather and a vest. Look at all the colorful feathers - Abby wanted to do one with hearts. I didn't realize the kids would go all out on decorating either of these. I think some of the parents spent some serious money on the vests - we just put some stickers on hers and her Indian name she came up with "Paddling Duck." Everyone else was pretty traditional with feathers and such - oops.

The "Feast" at school. All the food looked great!

Abby in all of her glory. "Where's the FOOD?"

Abby was the only kid in her class to eat everything on the plate - even the cranberries.

The girls and their kindergarten teachers - they love these two!!

Brown bag special.

My dad came in from Colorado - here are the kids with him. We had a good time visiting.

I wasn't feeling the turkey this year so we just had a small ham and lasagna. Yeah, weird combo but it all worked out.

Here's my mom with the kids.

We skipped the Christmas tree farm this year and James just went to a local nursery to pick up a tree. We'll go back next year... it was really cold Friday morning (finally) and I didn't want to take Cole out in the weather. I didn't even realize the "big box" trees are $40 cheaper! So bonus there.

The kids' favorite part - drinking hot chocolate. Cole went for some warm milk (I'll spare you the picture on that one).

Happy kiddos by the tree (fueled by hot chocolate).

I actually participated a bit in the Black Friday madness. First year I've ever gone to a store the day after Thanksgiving. Austin and I walked into Old Navy late in the afternoon - they had his fleece pants for $5 so thought I'd get several pairs. As soon as we walked in, the registers all died. We should have just left then but we waited it out for a good hour. I'm glad it was Austin who was with me. So this is the first and last year I will participate in all that craziness.

Here's just a random picture of Emily - she slept in a braid and her hair was pretty wavy the next day. I thought she looked cute :) Plus it's always nice to get a photo of her when she's practicing her writing (and not playing with princesses).

Another Austin obsession - Scrabble. Sometimes he plays with us, sometimes a ghost. And usually the ghost wins. C-O-O-L (6-point word for our oldest kiddo).