Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thankfully there's no co-pay for this entry.

We've had a busy few weeks. Full of germs. I am so sick of germs.

Austin was one of three 2nd graders (out of 170 at his school) selected for the district's UIL competition in creative writing. He was so excited to attend, but as of yesterday we weren't too sure if he'd be able to. Poor boy has been a mess the last week - including some asthma issues, a staph infection (mrsa), and a nasty stomach bug. Thankfully yesterday afternoon he started feeling better and was able to go. His school got 1st place overall. We're so proud of all the kids! Yeah!!

After the competition, we celebrated with some ice cream.

Then Santa and Mrs. Claus came to our neighborhood. Austin didn't want to go because he just knew it was an impostor Santa.

This was just a few seconds before Cole realized who was actually holding him and started screaming bloody murder.

Mrs. Claus read them a story about her hubby. She was terrific!

Last week we surprised the girls at lunch. They eat a very early lunch at 10:30 and the only thing open was Sonic.

I put a note in their lunches thinking I successfully tricked them. I did Emily for sure, she came in the cafeteria, sat down, and was visibly upset there was no lunch. Her teacher then read the note and she came and found us. She was so excited.

Abby came in the cafeteria without a lunchbox and immediately found us. Her teacher later told me she totally flipped out in class because she had nothing in her lunchbox. Should have known Abby checks first thing at school what her lunch is for the day (even though I told her she had a sandwich and fruit that morning). No getting anything by that one.

This is the best picture I got from Austin's 2nd grade Christmas performance. Obviously we didn't have the best seats but I did catch his shaking his hiney to Santa Clause rock. Hilarious. And, by the way, this wasn't a performance at a retirement home... I must have gotten behind all of the grandparents.

Now as I close this I'm off to call the doctor again because it appears Cole is allergic to the antibiotic he is on. And by allergic, I mean that I've just been informed about a new rash and exploding diaper that is "all over" the place. Can't wait to see that one. Does it ever end??