Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apartment bound

This is what Mr. Crabs thinks about our new living situation.

I'm inclined to agree.

We officially closed on our house last week and moved into our smaller living quarters. It's been a stressful few weeks - our closing was delayed due to an appraisal issue and when resolved, we had 3 days to move a family of 6 out of the very first home we've ever owned. We moved our stuff into 3 places - storage, our apartment garage, and our apartment. I'm having a hard time finding things at the moment.

Austin is sharing a bedroom with Cole and the girls are together. They are jealous they can't share a bedroom with Cole. Actually they are jealous of many things.

We're making the best of the situation... getting out of the apartment as much as possible. I feel sorry for our neighbors, but so far no complaints. We're on the second floor with people above us and people below us. Our new house keeps getting delayed... it is now supposed to start mid-July, but I fully expect a hurricane and some much needed rain to hit then delaying it again. HA.

Hope y'all have a happy and safe 4th. We are blessed to live in this country.

And he hasn't been Mr. Crabs ALL of the time... just most of the time. He has some new teeth in the back coming in. Ouch!