Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New House

Here's the progress on our new house.... WOW, huh?

If we believed what they originally told us, it should be complete in about a month or so.

Instead it looks like it will be close to Christmas by the time we will move in... and we will be apartment dwellers for many more months.

To say we are frustrated is an understatement. I thought we would be frustrated at the speed when they started building, not taking an extra 3 months just to get started.

In other news, poor Austin had his first cavity filled yesterday.

He also had his first set of x-rays and cat scan done last Saturday. He dove into shallow water head first and scared the crud out of us. He's good, but he's cost us a pretty penny this month :)

Here's Cole snacking on a nectarine. I left the groceries on the ground, left for a second, and came back to him helping himself. Very resourceful child.