Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Smurf

Abby loves the Smurfs.

She doesn't watch the cartoon, but saw the movie a few months ago. I won't even share how many Happy Meals we bought this summer trying to find a plastic Papa Smurf or Smurfette. We never did get them, but luckily a good friend gave us their Smurfette. We ended up with tons of loser smurfs... you know the ones that don't even have a big part in the movie.

We go walking/running quite a bit in the evenings since our apartment is close to some nature trails. It was then that I found out Abby's biggest dream:

She wants the Smurfs to fall from the moon, get lost, and find their way to our apartment... where we could then care for them. They could eat dinner with us, play barbies, go to school in her backpack, etc. That would be the coolest thing "evah" as she would say.

She sat down yesterday and was writing a letter... I assumed it was to Santa. I was thrilled I might be getting some shopping done early this year... although I really have nowhere to store it at the moment. Anyway, I was wrong.

Instead she invited the Smurfs over for a dinner party.