Monday, May 18, 2009

Emily and Bronco

Spending most of my younger years in Colorado, I was a die hard Broncos fan. When they were behind, I remember excusing myself from the family room - heading to the stairs and getting down on my hands and knees. I pleaded to God that I would do anything if they would win. Of course I don't think I held my part of the bargain, but I did see a lot of John Elway 4Q comebacks. These days I will still cheer for the Broncos, but playing fantasy football I pretty much cheer for the individual players and unfortunately they could be on the opposing team.

Outside of our gym there are a lot of roly polys. It reminds me of Colorado also, we had tons of them in our yard and I would love to play with those little guys. Emily saw one today, picked it up, and would not leave without that roly-poly. I emptied out a water bottle and we put it in there so she could take it home.

She kept talking to him in the car, explaining that she would help find his family, but also that he would be happy with us. Then she told me his name: Bronco.

I almost cried tears of joy.

That girl is 100% her daddy. But this just shows there is a little bit of me in there somewhere...

I think Bronco might have been a member of our family for about 4 hours. She thought he was thirsty and put water in the bottle - I tried to save Bronco but to no avail. It was a great 4 hours though.