Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot over the weekend. We had chores to do - you know cleaning, laundry, yard work. Dreaded responsibilities.

However, it was nice having 3 days to share with the whole family. The swim meet on Saturday went about the same as last weekend. The girls expired at about the same point and this time James took them home. My mom came and we stayed back to finish watching Austin. We came home and James and I had a date. Not ballroom dancing, wine and roses - just the two of us running around town without the kiddos. We went to REI and then to lunch. I got a fanny pack for our trip, and boy I am going to be so stylin' it this vacation, you have no idea. Oh and we got 3 whistles - that was James' idea. Just in case someone gets lost... and of course to scare away the bears.

The mention of bears is making me rethink what we're about to do.

Next we went to lunch at Friday's where everything on their menu is $5. Cha-ching.

Saturday night we had friends over, Sunday we skipped church, and Monday we went to James' coworker's farm. When we got home, we jumped in the pool. It was a lot of fun, although I'm sure the whole neighborhood could hear a chorus of "watch me mommy, watch me daddy" and was wondering what was going on back there... Emily finally put her whole head under the water. Baby steps.

Oh and look at my pretty girl's face. Poor thing! She was in her room on Sunday afternoon and we heard a big boom. Apparently she hit it pretty good on the bed railing. That girl is a walking accident. She looks behind her as she walks forward, so this isn't her first bruise on her face, but I think it may be the worst! Ouch!