Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly, is doing a neat thing called Show Us Where You Live Friday. You basically take tours of other bloggers' homes, each Friday spotlights a different room. I think it's a neat idea. I love seeing how people decorate their homes and getting ideas, especially since I have virtually no decorating skills whatsoever. I speak the truth - which is why I didn't participate in last week's kitchen edition. Some people get the creative genes (decorating, artwork, scrapbooking, etc.), I did not. But if you ever need someone to formulate, balance, equate, reconcile - then I am definitely your gal. Another reason I'm glad Kelly is doing this - I can use all the ideas I can get!

This week is the living room. This is my "most presentable" room in our house so I thought I'd participate. If you go to any other blog entries beyond this, you might get a chance to see our bright orange game room. What were we thinking? Oh, I know. We lived here for about 5 years with the builder's neutral colors and when we finally had a chance to pick our own colors, we went a little overboard. :) The swatch said "Kid's Play Orange," and a better name for it would be "Wow It's Halloween All Year Orange." One day we'll fix it.

View from the front door. You'll notice lots and lots of tile. Works for some people, but the grout drives us nuts. Eventually I would love to upgrade to hardwoods.

View from the breakfast room. The nook was made for a TV (but we have enough TVs in our house). Eventually I would like to put a desk and some shelving in.

I love these pictures of Austin, our kindergartener who's growing up way too fast.

Thanks Kelly for doing this! If you'd like to see other entries go to her blog,