Monday, May 4, 2009

Zoo-pendous Idea

I am either the coolest or the worst mom ever. I allowed Austin to stay at home on Friday. He had a sty, which I know is not the worst thing ever, but when he gets them his eye all swells up. It was all bloody and looked pretty nasty, but he was feeling fine. It didn't help that some kid at an elementary school not even 5 miles from us got the dreaded swine flu (and so many schools are closing around us). So we stayed at home and practiced reading went to the zoo. I just hope his kindergarten teacher isn't reading this. To justify it, we did learn several things. Did you know meerkats eat poisonous scorpions - thank goodness for those little creatures. Or that African wild dogs only have 4 toes on their forelegs? Or there are over 200 species of jellyfish?

We certainly didn't.

Do you think he would have learned that on Friday in kinder? Now that I think of it, I think I may have done a great service to our son. Right?

I'm trying a new collage thing... not sure if I like it or not. Austin took the majority of these.