Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swim Team

This is Austin's first year. I must say it is quite the commitment. We started about a month ago. Practice is Mon-Fri at 5:00 and swim meets every Saturday starting at 6:45 until around noon. This goes on until the end of June. Last Saturday we got to be there at 6:00 for setup (well James did). And every family has to volunteer 6 hours (or else they will cash a $150 check we gave them at the beginning of the year). I'm doing the heat sheets, and then something with the end of year party. Austin seems to be enjoying it so we will continue, although I will say I really did not know all that it entailed until after we joined. So much for my Saturday morning step class until July.

This is the way the meet went on Saturday:
6:00 James arrives to help setup.
6:45 The kiddos and I arrive. Sign in and warm-up by swimming a few laps of the pool.
7:45 The girls have completed all the puzzles and finished all the games we brought.
8:30 The girls whining has officially begun.
9:05 Austin's first race, he was chosen to swim a relay because of his fast times last weekend. His team won.
9:35 The girls are officially too hot, and according to them they can't bear to be in the sun anymore.
10:05 Austin's second race, a freestyle, which he completes in 36.81 seconds.
10:30 The girls have officially expired, I take the girls home. James stays.
11:45 Austin's third race, 25 meter backstroke, he completes in 48.87 seconds (10 seconds faster than last weekend).
12:00 James and Austin come home. Austin takes his first nap since a year ago.

Phelps, eat your heart out.

Completing Candyland at 7:30.