Friday, October 30, 2009

Ballet and Tap - Halloween Style

The girls dance classes have not gone according to plan. Usually when Wednesdays roll around, I have a difficult time convincing them to go. They usually have a good time when there, well atleast Emily does. Abby most of the time just stands there.

We didn't go last week so I had no idea they were supposed to wear costumes today. Thankfully, their teacher Ms. Andrea had extra tutus and witches hats - so both girls were "ballerina witches." They got to show off their skills today.

Here is a small portion of the girls doing their tap routine. I think Abby is having a hard time seeing the teacher with her hat.... I have a ballet video also that's a minute and a half - I guess that's too long because it will not load!

This will probably be the last video I post as I don't know how long we are going to keep up with dance. We'll decide soon if we stay with it or go back to gymnastics. Their costume fees for their June recital are due next week - $130/kid. Ouch! And that doesn't even include the recital fees. I had an idea it would be expensive, but holy cow. I'm thinking we don't want to spend that on something they are really not that into.