Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Oh how I love this season. The temperature finally dropped into the 70s this weekend so it is really feeling like fall now. It means leaving the windows open (not during the night - I'm not crazy), playing more outside, beautiful colors, and lots of football. And the mosquitos love it too - I think the current bite count in the family is about 50 - but it's worth it! Somehow James' freaky healthy genes carries over to mosquitos too. For some reason he's immune to those little creatures.

What a great weekend we had! We spent most of it outside.

Here are the kids visiting a local pumpkin patch.

I think this is supposed to be Oscar.

The merging of two holidays... I can't wait for Christmas season!

On Sunday we headed to a fall festival, full of carnival games, crafts, a petting zoo, food, and face painting.

Of course, Austin passed on all the Halloween designs and went right for the football.

So did his sister (after she was told princesses were out of the question).

The kids had two birthday parties, one of which Emily got to drink blue Gatorade, hence the blue mustache. What a treat for her.

And what's a weekend without watching Austin play football. Abby even sported a new "do." Or "don't."