Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The girls are playing soccer... kind of.

One of the moms in the girls preschool class teaches soccer on the side. She asked if the girls would like to join and they were all for it. I was all for it too, as my precious daughters are not the most athletic kids you will meet. I knew if I signed them up with a real league, it would be difficult getting them to practices and games. So luckily this is a no pressure, free, just learning some new "skills" kind of league.

They were so excited to put on their shin guards, play with their new soccer balls, and head to practice. Unfortunately when we got there it was too muddy to play. So instead we went to Austin's school and practiced.

Everybody was having a good time...

until Emily had a small mishap and went face first into the dirt.

After that, it was pretty much over for her.

Abby still had fun (although she was more about holding the ball than kicking it)...

but stopped playing when she was distracted by some pretty flowers. Then it was over for her too.

Also, Austin hasn't lost any of his skills he picked up. After football, we'll probably go back to soccer in the spring.