Saturday, October 24, 2009

Livin' it up the medieval way

It was an interesting day and definitely an experience. When we first arrived at the Renaissance Festival, I was greeted by a cute 12ish year boy who came right up to my face and smiled at me, then proceeded to burp the loudest, nastiest burp I have ever heard. I'd like to think that even in the Renaissance period, children did have better manners than that - but who knows.

I totally felt like I walked onto the set of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (which I love).

A lot of people there dress up and seriously act and talk like they were from that period (but while smoking cigarettes and talking on cell phones). When the locals tried to get us to buy things, they called me "milady," Austin "young lad," and James "milord." It really was an interesting day. I have never seen so much cleavage in my life. Or drunk people. Austin walked in petrified -you could tell he wanted to leave immediately, but he hung in there.

Abby was the only one that would go close to whatever the heck this thing is.

The girls wouldn't even look at the camera - they were too busy looking at all the interesting folks around us.

This is like a manually pushed teapot ride. Notice you see all 3 kiddos in the first picture.

Then Abby is missing.

She started getting very dizzy and slowly started making her way to the bottom of the "teapot." Thankfully she held on to her lunch.

We enjoyed some sausage on a stick and fried alligator - at Austin's request which is quite surprising because he is the pickiest eater in our family.

I think the next time we go will be without kids. That way we could look at some shops and partake in a few adult beverages. I think that would make it much more fun!