Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebonnet pictures!

Ahhhh... spring in Texas... which means the time for our annual bluebonnet photo shoot. We ventured out today to the Brenham area and then to the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival.

I think this was our money shot for the day. Although it was hard to choose this exact shot... the kiddos were really good today.

Maybe this is better? Emily has a sweet look on her face. Thinking about ice cream, I'm sure.

Here are the kiddos in a field of weeds. For some reason, the picturesque place we went to last year was seriously lacking bluebonnets. Perhaps someone mowed when/where they shouldn't have?

The only flowers in the shot can be found on Abby's shirt. Hmm...

This cracks me up. You can always tell what kind of mood Abby is in based on her facial expression.

"Hey Smiley - turn that frown upside down and get in the picture!"

"Must. Keep. Smiling. Face. Feels. Numb."

"Bees!" Not really, it was pretty uneventful with no real problems with ants, bees and snakes. Whew.

The kids loved playing in these yellow flowers. Mental note: pick up some Claritin.

Can you spot Austin? These flowers went on for acres and acres.

Here's Abby with a handful of Austin's rear. We had to get pretty creative keeping the kiddos interested.

After the pictures, we headed to Chappell Hill. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was basically a big craft fair with lots of food - we would have stayed longer without the kids to shop around.

We gave the kids an option of riding one of the rides or getting their faces painted. This is what they chose...

Of course all these pictures were not possible without a small bribe at the end of our adventure...

Our blue-eyed boy in his blue shirt eating blue ice cream - after playing in bluebonnets.

Other than the bluebonnets today, we've had a fun weekend full of soccer and birthday parties. Austin had a roller skating party yesterday that I wish I would have remembered my camera for. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Austin tried his hardest to skate, but eventually I had to buy one of those "walkers" to assist him on the rink. It brought back memories... we'll have to visit it one day this summer. Hope you all have a great week!