Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crawfish and More

We had our 3rd annual crawfish boil with David and Kim yesterday - it was a fun day with great friends and food!

Emily was the bravest with the crawfish this year. She loved playing with her new found friends. Abby wouldn't touch them at all, except for the dead ones.

The creepy little critters...

Look at all that food! All the kids peeled their own crawfish this year - I think they were faster than me. We had tons of leftovers this time around. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with all our extra crawfish and shrimp. If I'm brave, I might attempt etouffee. We'll see.

Later we played some pictionary. Yes, we go all out with the dry erase board. The kids got into it at the end. Can you guess Austin's picture? It's the one with the guy with the chef hat. Clue: It's a country...

Ok, so really it's a sombrero. The correct answer is Mexico.

Earlier in the week... sisterly love at the park near the library.

Austin had his first performance at school... it was a play called "Go Fish." Very cute. All the kids did a great job.

1st graders had a project where they had to design a container for an egg - so when it's dropped from the school roof it wouldn't break. We (James) decided on a football - it had tons of cushion and when we dropped it at our house it didn't break. It broke at school.

The girls before their Easter party on Thursday...

We painted easter eggs this morning. Getting ready for the bunny's visit.

Emily was rockin' a pony.

It was so hot (I'm not complaining - glad the cold weather is gone), the kids wanted to get into the freezing pool. It was 76 degrees. I don't dare get in until it hits 90 degrees. It was so cold, but they loved it! Didn't bother them one bit! I think hypothermia would have set in on me. I also had to turn the air on today for the first time - it was 85 degrees in our house and miserable - on April 3rd!

Poor Emily has forgotten all her skills she learned last year. Hopefully she'll find them soon since I have a feeling that we will be swimming A LOT this summer.

That's all for now! The West Virginia game is on, and if they win we win our NCAA bracket! Go Mountaineers! Hope everyone has a blessed Easter tomorrow!