Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New bikes

For the girl's birthday, my dad had sent some money for the girls to choose a gift. They finally picked out what they wanted.

New bikes!

I took them around the lake in our neighborhood for the first time today. Overall they did pretty well. I really didn't have to push the bikes very much.

We stopped to feed the ducks.

Then to look at the flowers.

Then to take a rest.

Then to look at more ducks and turtles.

Then another break.

Hmmm... maybe this is break #7?

Break #10.

A small mishap with the bike - no tears involved.

Chasing the ducks.

Looking at a baby turtle.

Break #192. Ok, not really. Seemed like it.

Finally back at home and all sweaty. Thanks grandpa for the new bikes!

Oh, and my doctor's appointment this morning went well. My blood pressure was high - 155/83 which I am contributing to nervousness about being admitted into the hospital. I was up last night with horrible stomach pains, and I had visions of bedrest or being in the hospital. Thankfully everything looked well and baby boy is still cooking! He needs to stay put atleast for another few weeks!